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Have you planned a beautiful and romantic wedding on the small, idyllic Island of Ærø?
I can give you a long lasting memory - filmed on video in absolute CineQuality


wedding on aeroe 4Why not have your wedding filmed on video, to give you a long lasting memory of your wedding day, to show to your family and friends whenever you feel like.

You will get approx. 4-9 minutes of video, depending on the circumstances and the video package. 

I have been filming weddings on Ærø since 2014, and today I shoot on the Canon C200 Cinecamera, which deliveres clear 4K-pictures, beautifully colored and with a very shallow depth of focus.

A wedding is a very private, romantic and personal event, therefore I cannot show you the videos I have been shooting for individual couples - discretion is a matter of honor.

Instead you can enjoy my "promotional" wedding videos, which have been shot with the full acceptance of the participants.


wedding on aeroe 2

All couples are welcome

Just to let you know, should you be in doubt: Whether your are a straight couple, gay, lesbian or other LGBTQ+ I will be happy to do your wedding video. I guarantee all couples full discretion at your needs, at all stages of the production process.



I operate on a fixed price basis, and there are two options:

Package A - € 695 )

Wedding ceremony + 3/4 - 1 hour of filming after the ceremony  - approx 4-5 min of final video. Musical score included.

Package B - € 875 )

1 hour of filming before the ceremony, including your spoken vows if desired + Wedding ceremony + 1 1/2 - 2 hours of filming after the ceremony - approx 6-9 min of final video. Musical score included.


How it works in practise

Upon the agreement of shooting a wedding video, you are kindly asked to send me by email your wishes for the shooting. That may be at the hairdresser, somewhere outside in the town, at the beach or whatever you wish.

Some days before the big day, I meet with the wedding agency to sort out all the details of the wedding, e.g. locations, guests, ceremony etc. That gives me a good foundation for the further work, and I will plan the shootinglist in details. If in due time I'll send it to you by email, othervise you'll get the shootinglist from the wedding agency the day before.

After the conclusion of the shootings, I'll start editing and you will have at least two drafts (send by WeTransfer) before the final editing. I strive to deliver the final edit within 8-10 days from the wedding date, unless otherwise agreed. The final edit is delivered by WeTransfer or Dropbox, no hardcopy is included. If you want a copy of all the footage shot, there will be an extra charge.


Communication language gb de

My preferred language of communication is english gb, which I master in both speaking and writing. But that said, I understand german de very well (and speak some) - so it's absolutely no problem for me if your spoken word is german.



All prices including danish tax. According to EU Legislation, it is not possible to provide VAT refunds to EU/non-EU residents, because all work is carried out in Denmark/EU.

I only shoot on Ærø in Denmark.



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